5 comments on “What Do You Think About Movies Adapted From Novels?

    • Hi Sharon,

      Shawshank is a personal fav as well. I think it is possible that comparing the book to the movie is comparing apples to oranges. Overall I agree that the movie rarely lives up to the book.


  1. I find the movie rarely lives up to the promise of the book. If I see a movie coming I will often try to read the book first which doesn’t always end up helping! I remember when The English Patient came out, the movie was wonderful but hard to follow. I subsequently read the book and got a little more clarity. Then watched the movie again. It’s one of my all-time favorite book to movie examples. Atonement is another good adaptation.

    I thought The Help was better in it’s original form. I listened to the book which was read by several characters giving it a richness that the mere written words couldn’t. So, when I got to the movie I had a strong idea of what I wanted to see. I am looking forward to seeing how the newest spin on Anna Karenina turns out!
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    • Hi Walker,

      That’s an interesting methodology! I kind of like the idea and I think my next project will be to read Cloud Atlas and then go see the movie!


  2. I dunno, Meester Schmorgio. You see, I was going to get a DVD of a film adapted from a book tonight, but then I remembered I already got one. It must be time to go and feed my pet hamster his elderberries. Now do not ask me these questions, or I shall taunt you a second time. (And before you ask, yes, of course I am French. It’s why I talk in this outraaageous accent)

    ps, if they ever make a film of one of my books I shall cast you as the rampant love interest. OO-er, Mrs!!!!

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