2 comments on “How To Stand Out As A Writer

  1. Great post George and you made some valid points. For me, I feel that talent has to come into it. You can write and write and write, and publish and publish and publish, but if you lack talent you will never stand out. I see this with happening all the time. It is so easy as you mentioned to publish on Amazon but if you don’t have the talent it will soon be noted in the reviews you receive. A couple of bad reviews is all it takes to have people avoiding your books. If you have the talent and the ambition to succeed, I truly believe it is possible and if your talent shines, you will stand out.
    Amanda EvansĀ“s last blog post ..3 Ways To Ensure Success In Any Career

    • Hi Amanda,

      Your point about reviews culling the herd is spot on and is one of the few tools that the reading public has to help sort through the overwhelming number of titles.

      Thanks for coming by. :-)


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