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  1. Hi George! I’d asked before about publishing an ebook with a lot of photographs. Well, I finally did it! I published my first ebook, Life Lessons from My Squirrel Friends about a week ago. The book has 25 photographs with captions embedded in the pictures. I thought that would be easier than taking the chance of having the photos and captions separated once it was in ebook format.

    I published my book on Smashwords first (using their guide), and unchecked having it published on Amazon through Smashwords. Then I adjusted it slightly and published it on Amazon. (I did it this way because as I understand it, Smashwords takes a cut of your Amazon profits when they’re the middleman.) Another thing was, on Smashwords, although they said the file could be up to 5MB, mine was and still wouldn’t go through. So I compressed all my photos in MS Word which reduced their size greatly but had no effect on quality and that worked like a charm.

    Anyway, the process wasn’t too difficult at all! And I’m happy to report that I’ve even sold some books! I encourage everybody to give it a try.
    Peggy´s last blog post ..My First Ebook…About Funny Squirrels, What Else?

  2. dear george, what is an html file and how do i save my ms word book as html file?

  3. Nice article and I highly believe that e-books is the way especially for the younger generation who is growing up with such technology that will allow them to read just about anywhere.

    Publishing a Kindle e-book is actually quite easy and once you do it once or twice, it becomes more fun. I enjoyed reading your post!

    Chris Neal
    How To Make a Kindle Book

  4. Hello George,
    This post is really useful.
    I am trying to publish a children’s reading book with pictures. ebook and kindle.
    Also I have quite a few text bubbles. I understand the text can be enlarged on kindle, but I was wondering how one would go about using handdrawn text bubbles in a book?

    I was going to make it using ‘myebook’ and then upload to amazon.

    Any advice would be fantastic! I’m not so techno!
    Thanks Julie

    • Hi Julie,

      That is indeed a good question. Things have gotten better, in that it was almost like any images at all were kind of a non-starter. I’m not familiar with myebook but I would assume they have guidelines about what will and won’t work for conversion. The smartest thing to do would be to use the “preview in Kindle” feature at the KDP site once you’ve uploaded to ensure everything looks to your liking.

      Let me know how things end up working for you! :-)


  5. Hi George

    I’m wondering once you publish an e-book on amazon, does it prohibit you from publishing hard copy books through self publishing (like lulu, balboa) or a publisher?

    And why would you choose the 35% royalty over the 70% one?


    • Hi Barbara,

      Sorry for the delayed response. I’m having issues with comments notification.

      While publishing the e-book doesn’t necessarily prohibit you publishing a hard copy, it might be a turn off to publishers if you were going to head that way. There shouldn’t be any issues self publishing a hard copy but when you do the initial consult with Lulu or whoever, let them know the e-book version is available and has been published on Amazon.

      The royalty thing is actually complicated so rather than try to explain it (and probably goof it up), here is the link to the royalty pricing page at amazon: https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/help?topicId=A29FL26OKE7R7B

      Hope this helps!


  6. I am a new author with a new book called Grief Is a early frost upon a summer leaf by Angelic Insanity. It is a copulation of work, The information you gave me on the steps through getting it download was great. Thank you very much

  7. Dear George ,

    I have recently prepared one Report on the US Dollar with around 25 pages in PDF containing 5000 words and few charts .

    Is there any seperate option in Amazon or Kindle to publish the same as Report ? or I need to publish the same as book only .

  8. Dear George ,

    I do have one more query regarding Copyright .

    As I have told you , I have prepared Report on the Fall of the Greenback with US Presidential Elections over , I have written it myself only and only copied 3 to 4 charts from the Internet . Don’t know whether that Charts were copyrighted or not.

    Should I need to only take the Permission from that websites from where I have copied Charts or I will also need to Copyright or Take seperate rights for Publishing my own contents which I have written myself .

    As I am new to Publishing , I kindly request you to please guide me on the same.

  9. Hi George!
    I’ve published my first e Book “Tint Final Breakthrough Marketing” last December 15,2012 and not keeping myself abreast to the SEO about Kindle publishing. I got stuck up learning the formatting issues,PDF files and open office document before Uploading.You are downright correct.The PDF did not bear a good first uploading run.Now on the next book,I need further regarding HTML.I am using the Microsoft Word not the open office.Your insights is reflective for a new author like me. Thank you so much.

  10. Thank you for a very informative article. My book will soon be published (still at the four proofreaders presently) through Smashwords but I have to do Amazon myself. I googled to get the know-how and your article came up at the top. It is concise and informative. I do appreciate it when people take the time to give hints to non-techies like myself. I am sure I’ll manage it now. Will let you know how it went.

  11. George
    Thank you for all your assistance. A quick question. I live in South Africa and want to put my book “The Female Curve – exploring the 5 types of women” on ebooks Kindle. How does the payment work with different currencies. E.g. $ to SA Rand. Does it depend on your bank?

    Thanks very much

  12. George
    Thank you for all your assistance. A quick question. I live in South Africa and want to put my book The Female Curve – exploring the 5 types of women on ebooks Kindle. How does the payment work with different currencies. E.g. dollar to SA Rand. Does it depend on your bank?

    Thanks very much

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