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  1. Great post – I agree with all of this! And while I tweet far less than I used to, I still try to maintain at least some semblance of a presence. I found that trying to judge what might interest others was an exercise in futility – comments/links I thought were great weren’t retweeted, others that I thought were a bit silly or banal got lots of RTs and views. So yeah, I just have fun with it, try to be courteous and do my thing without worrying about the numbers. It seems to work :-)
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    • Lisa,

      I agree it’s working. You yourself have a diverse tweeting mindset. It’s one of the things I love about seeing you in my timeline. :-)

      Happy tweeting!


    • Hi Tami,

      Thanks for coming by and commenting. I’m glad I finally figured Twitter out after all these years – not Twitter’s fault, mine entirely.



  2. Hi George
    I joined Twitter in February of this year. I told myself I was going to market myself more in 2012 and Twitter was one of the planks I added to my author platform. I am still learning the nuances of tweeting and working on building a following as well as following other artists… doesn’t matter so much if they’re writers or not, I follow pretty much anyone involved in the arts, be it music, painting, photography, whatever. I don’t follow kids. I don’t follow obvious spammers trying to sell me 1000 new followers.
    I guess I am not here to socialize even though they call it social media. I am here to market my books and to help cross-market other artists. I see some people on Twitter who seem to spend an inordinate amount of time chatting with others. And that’s fine. But since I work part time six days a week I have only so many hours to put into my writing. Any socializing necessarily takes away from that. It isn’t that I am too full of myself to talk with anyone though. I simply have to prioritize my time or I’ll never write that great American novel.
    I do retweet a lot. I’ll usually run through my 100 tweet per hour limit in about 15 minutes when I get on a roll. I try to mix it up and not retweet the same person 16 times in a row. I throw in one of my books every 10-15 tweets because I know when I look to retweet others I look for their own stuff, something personal to them. Failing to find something like that I’ll go to their website or blog and tweet that.
    I prefer to retweet others who retweet others, if you know what I mean. If I go on someone’s twitter feed and see only tweets about them, I am less inclined to return than I am if I see many retweets from others dotting their feed. That isn’t to say I won’t retweet others who don’t retweet others, just that I am less likely to do so on an ongoing basis.
    Anyway, still learning and enjoying all this Twitter stuff immensely so far.
    Thank you!

    • Hey Dan,

      Cool that you stopped by to share your experience. I try to strike a balance between retweeting stuff and socializing. There are a few folks that I may hold a conversation with now and then but for the most part I’m happy to peruse the timeline, retweet worthy folks and put my stuff out there. I also add the occasional quip when I think I have something remarkable to say.

      I’m glad you’re in my stream and look forward to lots of retweeting interaction.


  3. Hi George

    I joined Twitter early 2011, and was very tense and earnest about it at first, but I’ve got over that. ;-)

    My philosophy now?
    Be friendly, try to tweet things that are useful to other writers, try to be helpful, don’t take myself too seriously, don’t take other people’s Twitter gaffes too seriously (eg the dreaded auto DM, or the “please RT” from a stranger), ignore anything I don’t like, and mostly followback unless someone’s timeline or profile is just too weird or icky for my tastes.

    I’ve met some fantastic people on Twitter who help me and I help them and we interact outside Twitter. (I’ve met a few odd bods too…) Basically it’s been very useful and fun, too, and I’m glad I joined.

    cheers, Belinda

    • Belinda, that is such a great philosophy to have. “don’t take other people’s Twitter gaffes too seriously” is prolly some of the best Twitter advice you could ever give someone.

      Thanks so much for dropping by.


  4. Hi George
    a big thanks for this, i find it really helpful to know how others manage twitter as I have a sort of love hate relationship with it. I’ve been twittering since september 2011 and think it’s time for me to ditch the hate, lose the attitude, take it easy and be friendly (thanks, too, to Belinda!) Life’s too short :o)
    ps at the risk of sounding a complete rookie, what is an auto DM and can you tell them apart from other DMs?? Yikes! maybe i’ve never had one!!!!

    • Marianne, I am so happy you stopped by. Twitter is kind of an interesting beast and I believe it takes most of us a while to get our “sea legs.” From what I can see, you are well on your way!

      Those auto-DMs can sometimes be hard to spot but if you receive a DM from someone you just followed saying something like, “Thanks for the follow, please visit my blabbity blabbity site” then almost always it’s a auto-DM. It used to be that not using your first name was a dead giveaway but now they can be sophisticated enough to include that.

      Let’s go have a blast on Twitter then, shall we?


  5. Hi George – and a big hello to twitter chum Belinda :) – thanks for explanation. Will look our for auto DMs so I can ignore them, or at least not let them wind me up ;o). YES! I am up for having a blast on twitter – just let me get back to Scottyland and regular internet – and can’t think of nicer people than yourself and Belinda to have as blast pals ;o)

  6. UGH! Twitter has gotten way out of control for me and it’s caused me to lose touch with people I used to love chatting with (like yourself!) I’ve started using hootsuite to build lists and keep out the ‘noise’ and I feel like I just started tweeting all over again. It’s been refreshing to say the least. I think twitter is one of those things where you just have to change up what you’re doing now and then so kudos to you for managing that!
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    • Hey Heather, Indeed it is very easy for the stream to get out of control. I think I am quickly reaching the point where I need to consider some kind of Twitter client because my rapid growth is allowing some things to fall through the cracks.

      Nice to see you again, Heather. :-)


  7. Couldn’t agree more about ‘not taking others’ Twitter gaffes too seriously!

    I don’t respond to auto DMs, but then I don’t unfollow them either – the best way to deal with stuff like that is to ignore it (and, thus, forget it within 20 seconds), or try to subtly educate others not to do all this shit…. oh, okay, I guess I have a way to go with this tolerance thing yet, right??!!

    Ha ha!! :) xx


    • Hello, Terry. So very nice to have you at my house.

      I loves me some Terry-Twittering. You are truly a social Twitter user. I think there is just the right balance of self promotion and promoting others through your active engagement.

      Hope to see you again soon.


    • Julia,

      Ha. it was a differing political opinion and we didn’t even have an exchange. He took an opposite point, called me a “dick” and blocked me. I think it’s pretty funny that he would be so sensitive/unwilling to even discuss. Oh well.


  8. Hey George

    I’ve really changed the way I use Twitter in the past year. I don’t actively seek out people to follow any more. I scan the people who follow me once a week or so and follow those who seem real.

    I don’t interact on Twitter so much now. I usually use it to share stuff (my own and other stuff I find interesting — like this post). Every once in a while I’ll retweet something I find interesting or funny. But actually being social is something that I haven’t done much of lately.

    Being an introvert, social interaction is fun but draining for me. So I tend to spend less time on it than most people, both offline and on.

    I think that you have struck a pretty good balance with your philosophy — tweet and let tweet.
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