10 comments on “Have You Ever Been Edited?

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  2. Hi George,
    You’re shared an enlightening set of experiences. Wow. (You also crack me up, funny man.)

    I definitely know what you’re talking about, though. Although, much of my experiences being edited occurred in much different circumstances, I’ve felt that burn, too. What is it with maniacal, Napoleonic-writer personalities? I didn’t last long in the situation I was in. Nothing I could do could make the editor become King of All Writers, no matter how much I let him rip me apart. If you get my drift. Plus, it was simply a loosing battle (loosing my mind, that is.) ;)

    Thanks for this glimpse. I love your writer voice, don’t let anyone mess with it!
    Lori´s last blog post ..A Life With Purpose

    • Hi Lori,

      It’s amazing to me how some of these folks managed to get into the position of “power” that they sometimes hold. If I ever reach that pinnacle, I sure hope I’m more human.


  3. I think that a blog owner absolutely has a right to decline a guest post or make suggestions. However, unless the original author agrees to direct editing of their work, they should be left to do those edits themselves. And they should definitely have the final say about how and when their work is published to the world!

  4. George, I love your blistering honesty. And you always make it so fun. This is about the best I’ve felt about this subject, ever, because you ranted for all of us. :~)

    I walked away from a place I could have been republished when the editor rewrote my post in his own voice. It was a high-profile place for the writing world where I could have had a lot of exposure . . . but what would be the point? I’m not there to speak in his voice. It was creepy, too, because his rewrite changed my meaning and a unique tip for writers was lost in the process. The thrust of what I was saying had been whitewashed.
    @fearofwriting´s last blog post ..Writer Discovered While Waitressing

    • Hi Milli,

      Good on you for sticking to your guns. I think as writers we tend to let ourselves get pushed around too much for fear of looking like we are an arrogant, difficult to work with writer when in fact in a lot of instances, nothing could be further from the truth.


      • Thanks, George. But that brings up another angle (and possibly worth a whole new blog post from the Tell It Like It Is Moose). I did not make any waves or stick up for myself. I just never took up the open invitation to write more for that site. I did not know how to express my horror of having my meaning changed by the editor without sounding, as you say, like an arrogant, difficult-to-work-with writer. Perhaps I should have. Then again, it might have back-fired on me. For me and my goals at that time, it was not worth getting an ulcer about. Better to be passive and just walk away. But was that right?
        @fearofwriting´s last blog post ..Writer Discovered While Waitressing

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