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  1. Hey George, great post as always. I love that you have decided to write about style and yes you are right, every writer has their own. On my blog I tend to use my own style and voice but like you, when it comes to writing for business clients there are some rules and regulations that must be adhered to. There are often times when clients will ask that you write in a specific tone or style so being able to adjust with ease is a great skill to have. That being said, I do love the freedom that comes with writing for myself and writing as me. It is amazing how easy the words flow when you are being true to yourself and your own natural style. For me this is what blogging is all about, writing for yourself as yourself.

    Great post George and I look forward to the next.

    Amanda J EvansĀ“s last blog post ..Getting Your Author Platform Working For You

    • Such great words of wisdom, Amanda. I do feel a lot more free when I’m writing for me.

      I’m hoping to not make it so long between posts! :-)


  2. George,
    I struggle with this very same issue. I use So and And a lot.. and I am not all that keen on punctuation!
    I figure that a guest post has to reflect who I am and if the blogger in question has read me first then they expect to have me “show up” as me. Like you, when I’m trying to be a different writer, my stuff is harder to write, it doesn’t flow—in other words, it’s not my best writing.
    Walker ThorntonĀ“s last blog post ..The Vagina-Name It. Claim It.

  3. I so agree with you on the whole grammar thing. I stress and stress about it, but at the end of the day I know most blog readers, and I think clients too, aren’t concerned with perfect. They’re concerned with effective. And I try to be true to my style. It’s not as much fun when I’m not.

    Enjoyed catching up on your blog posts today. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here.

    • Sara,

      So glad you came by. Gave me a smiley face, it did.

      More than anything, your observation about it not being much fun if you’re not true to your style resonates with me. I don’t want to do things that aren’t much fun. I know I have to eat my veggies now and then, but I’d prefer a pizza thank-you-very-much. ;-)


  4. George,
    This is something I can relate to. English is not my first language.
    Although I had English in school and live in America for several years, grammar and spelling is still hard sometimes.
    I like to write from inside my personality like you do, but sometimes you have to be more a business writer. After all the bills need to be paid.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Ed,

      Thanks for coming by and commenting. English as a second language is an issue in and of itself. I can’t imagine trying to learn english as it is a difficult language to understand and master. This is especially true in the world of business writing.

      Best of luck to you!


  5. I’m glad I stumbled on this post. I suspect all of it also applies to speaking style. I have wished I were a super-energetic, super-funny, charismatic speaker……but that’s not my natural style. The reminder to just be myself is appreciated.

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