13 comments on “BloggerNewbie is in the House!

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  2. Hey you two. I thoroughly enjoyed having the both of you here at Tumblemoose this week.

    Dee, I’ll get you a guest post in the next day or so.

    Rachel, I’m heading over to see your latest right now!

    Thanks again!


  3. Hi George and Dee – What a great guest post. I agree it’s hard to project a certain tone of voice in blog posts, but I do try and sometimes use smiley faces, or (((hugs))), or ***smile***. Sometimes we can write from our heart, but yet have it totally misconstrued, if others are reading between the lines and not taking our words for what they are.

    Barbara Swafford – Blogging Without A Blog´s last blog post..Casual Friday – The Floor Is Yours

  4. Hi Rachel! Thank you and you are so sweet. I’m supposed to be working at my “real” job but I’ll definitely be over when I get a chance!

    Hey George – I am really looking forward to sharing your words with my readers.

    @ Barbara, Thank you. It is sometimes difficult to express yourself and easy to have your words misunderstood. Heck, that happens to me when I am actually speaking!

    @ Kim

    I have a feeling we have the same sense of humor. I don’t know why some people call it sarcasm?? And I also agree, I am SO funny! Just ask me. I try to write like I speak with the exception of trying to write in some sort of order unlike when I speak I am usually all over the place. I have to work on that!

    Dee Langdon – BloggerNewbie´s last blog post..RSS Reader or Website?

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