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  1. George, have you thought about using the e-book as a supplement to this blog as a value add for your readers? I’m thinking that people come here day in and day out to read your 500 word posts, and get the “gist” of ideas you present and that gets them thinking. You may be able to use an e-book to round out ideas that wouldn’t be appropriate in a blog format (too long).

    Also, you probably have 3-4 themes that could be expanded on in a longer e-book type format that would act as an additional resource. I’m thinking readers get the crib notes here, and then take the text book home with them.

    I know it’s a lot of work, but I see a well done e-book as a way to reward readers with more in depth content.

    Matt | Small Biz Bee´s last blog post..The Only Piece of Advice You’ll Ever Need

  2. George,
    The important question for me is:
    Do I need to publish an e-book because everybody tells me I’ve got to have some on my blog, or
    Do I want to publish one because I think it is the proper way of presenting content which can’t be presented in a “normal” blog post?
    My answer to the first question is “no”, to the second it is “not yet”. I am thinking about it, but at the moment I’ve got no time for doing it. As you said: I am going to do it on my own terms.

    Ulla Hennig´s last blog post..Mozart: Rondo Alla Turca

  3. George,

    I have downloaded many e-books for a rainy day, and found that either they weren’t worth the trouble or that there are not enough rainy days to get through them all.

    I think a lot of bloggers feel pressured to offer an e-book to “add value” to their sites, then don’t follow through with a product that is more than a pale reflection or rehash of their regular postings.

    I agree with your thinking: If you are going to spend the time to do an e-book right, you might as well publish it for real, either as a paid e-book on your site or as a physical book.

    Mike Nichols´s last blog post..Panic Attacks And the Inability to Express Emotions: Are They Related?

  4. Hi George,

    Great post as always and well thought out. As someone who has jumped into the abyss of e-books, I thought I would explain my reasoning for doing so. When I started my website Ghostwriting Uncovered back in 2007, the term ghostwriting did not feature in Google at all. Everything writing related was freelance writing but what I was doing was actually ghostwriting. I was writing and getting paid for what I was doing but my name didn’t feature on these published pieces. There was no information about ghostwriting available and because I was constantly receiving questions through my website about Ghostwriting I decided to compile my knowledge into an e-book. I have to be honest, the idea of making a little extra was a big incentive but overall I really wanted to help others. Even to this day my e-book still sells quite well and I am proud to have placed my name to it.

    I think if you have something valuable to teach others that you can’t fit in a couple of blog posts then an e-book can definitely be the way to go.

    Just my two cents on the matter anyway.

  5. Yee-haw.

    This is the kind of discussion I was hoping for. There are great thoughts and suggestions here, and a lot to think about. In fact it’s given me an idea for my next post.

    Stay tuned, film at 11

    And Webdesi3 – that is just TOO funny! All – look at her commentluv for her post today… Great minds!


  6. George,

    I’ve read a few ebooks that were pretty good. And since I have never written one, I can’t really say much about them. I think ebooks have turned into a marketing tool, a ploy to get you to buy more of the writers products.

    I look for ebooks that are actual books. Not sales pitches. If I’m going to take the time to read an ebook, I want something with value. I like that you want to put the value in your blog posts. I don’t need an ebook to be sold on your content. Just my two cents.

    Thom Allen´s last blog post..Dealing With Tough Writing Decisions

  7. Hi Thom,

    That’s exactly the point I was making. I don’t want to re-hash old stuff. And if the perspective or content is interesting enough, I want to publish it.

    Nice to see you here, hope all is well.


  8. Hi Hope42day. Thanks for coming by and commenting. I love the real thing as well. I love the physicality, the smell, the tangible aspect. Sometimes I feel like an e-book is just another web page.

    And thanks for the kind words, I do appreciate it.


  9. BRAVO!

    All when ready. Many have published eBooks just because it was the thing to do. They simple printed posts from their blog and called it an eBook.

    I can appreciate and an eBook, but there is nothing like having that book (not script) in your hands to feel empowered with the potential gain of knowledge; or a good novel… lol

    Laura-Whateverebay´s last blog post..Welcome to FeedBurner

  10. I haven’t done the ebook-as-promotion method either, though I may try it some day. I’m more inclined to write an ebook to sell, grin.

    Still, you could do an article series for your blog and then turn it into an ebook after you’re done. It’s just recycling content you would have created for your blog anyway. :)

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