Humble Beginnings

I’m George Angus and I am Tumblemoose.

I imagine the first question you may have is: “What the heck is a Tumblemoose?”

Ok, that’s a fair question.

About a decade ago I was talking with someone from the western US and they commented about having to dodge tumbleweeds on the highway.  Me of quick wit and repertoire responded with something along the lines of being in Alaska and dodging tumblemoose.  Well, the name just kinda stuck and so here we are.

Back in the early 90’s I was fortunate enough to have some articles published in the trade journals of my chosen profession (Emergency Medical Services).  I had no idea at that time how important this was.  I had a couple of years of successful writing projects and then I got busy operating a paramedic school and I ignored my writing career.

If I said we’re going to fast forward 15 years then I would be skipping over an entire chunk of my life.  Since this is my “About” page and not my “Biography” page I’ll skip all the gory details.  It’s probably good enough to say that writing was always a tickle in the back of my brain, but I had the unwieldy combination of not knowing how to start laced with a bit of fear.  Fear of what, I’m not sure.  Success, failure, being laughed at, the unknown, who knows.  Most likely all of the above.

So, this last year I started taking hesitant writing steps and over the past few months those steps have turned into leaps.  I’ve been writing web content for a number of sites, I’ve gotten about 50 pages done on my novel, researched and obtained several freelance writing projects and opened my storefront on the World Wide Web.
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Contact Tumblemoose:

The quickest way to get in touch is via email:  gangus247@gmail.com

Of course, sometimes a phone conversation gives things that personal touch: 907 982-7244

And for you traditionalists out there:

Tumblemoose Productions

7041 Lea Street Apartment C

Palmer, AK 99645

Here is my LinkedIn Profile


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  10. Dear George, my name is Edmund Setyono, I am the editor-in-chief of Evolitera.com. We are an eBook publisher based in Jakarta Indonesia and we need English book writers. I would like to ask if you have any script that you would like to publish with us? Our company is basically a youtube version for books. However, unlike youtube, we share our advertisement revenues with our writers. In our website, all books will go through a filtering process before being published to avoid plagiarism. Also, any books self published with us can be published anywhere else without our consent. If you have any questions, you can message me back or contact me on my email: edmund@evolitera.co.id

    Here is a copy of our electronic contract

    Here is our website homepage

    In any case, can we upload your books that has been given out for free, such as in smashword? We will give you a revenue from those free books you publish if we get a chance to generate advertisers and donaters. You will also gain new readers with us and you can advertise your other books for free with us inside your free book.

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  12. Hi George,

    I am hoping this is the George that is part of Jeanne and George, I have lost your information and was hoping to reconnect with you guys again.

    If this is you then please call me at 760-576-7407.

    • Dawn! Hey I recognized the name as soon as I saw it in the email.

      Lots of water under the bridge, eh? Hope all is well with you.

      I’ll try and call this weekend and catch you up on things.


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