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  1. I keep it separate in that I don’t give much of a stuff about it…. that might sound very irresponsible to some, but I don’t care enough about it to do anything to attempt to change it, and social/political trends go in cycles anyway over the decades and centuries, and I think that most of it is done to manipulate the public’s thinking, anyway (yeah, yeah, yeah, SURE 9/11 was a terrorist act….). I think we’re only told what ‘they’ want us to hear – and that is probably the longest speech I’ve ever made on things political.

    I don’t keep it separate on purpose, in fact there are some articles I will be more likely to RT than others, but I try not to let it intrude into my daily life too much (yes, your arguement might be that it influences all of our daily lives, all the time!), and I care more about other things, so those are the things about which I write. Mostly, though, I see my ‘job’ as a writer as one of an entertainer, so my blog, for instance, is not a diary of my thoughts, but mostly stuff that I think people would like to read – serious, light, and whatever!!

    I do, of course, defend anyone’s right to write about what they want, where they want – I’m just giving my own point of view!

    • Hi Terry,

      Thanks for coming by and commenting.

      Yep, a very sane and rational response to the post and I think your view is spot on.

      Separation is best and easy to do when you are mostly an apolitical creature.

      Besides, watery tarts throwing swords is no basis for a government. ;-)


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