7 comments on “50 Books That Will Make You A Better Writer- Repost

  1. You’ve put an excellent list of reference books together, George. I try to read two or three craft books in between each of my novels. I bookmarked this page and will be returning after my upcoming launch tour. Looking forward to more great blogs from you.

    RJ McDonnell
    Rock & Roll Mystery Series

    • RJ,

      Thanks for the comment. I enjoy reading the books on the craft. In addition to the obvious knowledge gained, I find great entertainment in the different perspectives.



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  4. Hi George, you’ve got a great collection there. I am an article writer and I will definitely check one of these books. Can you suggest the best book to start with? The list is too huge and i am a bit confused on what to get first.

    • Hi Jake,

      Yeah, it is an overwhelming list. My absolute favorite is On Writing from Stephen King. It is an excellent general book on writing and one of the most inspiring books on writing I have ever found.



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